Friday, June 5, 2009

It's hard to say Goodbye

Recently, a fellow blogger named Steve Yegge has decided to pack it in. I have been reading Yegge's blogs (I say blogs because there are a few here and here are examples) for several years and I can honestly say that I have and will continue to learn alot from him.

Steve has done a great service to those of us who were smart enough to listen to what he had to say and investigate those ideas for ourselves. He helped us to realize that business requirements are in fact bullshit and some very helpful resume tips. You have introduced me to some wonderful reading material as well.

Perhaps the greatest work that Steve has ever done has come most recently when he started his "A Programmers View of the Universe" series. During this time, I believe that Steve has really found his voice. His heart wrenching story about his pet fish and how that relates to computer programming is nothing short of genius! It is hard for me to believe that he could give this up when he is clearly just starting to reach his writing prime.

Steve, Please don't leave us.

We'll Miss You Steve:(